Who are we?

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We are the Martial Arts studio.

(in teaching business - Education industry)


What are we teaching?

Martial arts not Martial sports

(What is the difference? - Do you want an ebook?)

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Art  is human craftsmanship or workmanship.  Any activitity we do must come from the integration of the entire human being: BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. Art has to relate with mental activities such as discipline, focus, expression, creativity, quality, beauty, originality, psychology, philosophy, etc...

Sports these days, care about winning and mocking the loser. (Too many sports athletes are setting bad examples and sending false messages that money is more valuable than a person, Really?)

Then, how to train a person's mind? That is why you need to meet HUMAN ENGINEER.

The current school system can only offer up a money making machine, yet everybody needs the next level. Becoming a human, that is what the human engineer can assist you to accomplish.


How we do it?

Learning happens through personal experience. AT BEST, when HUMAN ENGINEER uses special teaching methods, STUDENTS will soar.


  1. After school Program (Transportation + Homework assistance + Taekwondo classes)
  2. Summer camp
  3. Evening Taewkondo Classes (Divide by age and ranking group)
  4. Birthday party
  5. Parenting Classes (How to win the battle - by request)